Mockito Tutorial

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In this tutorial you will show how to write a simple Mockito based Unit Test by following this steps:

  • Download a stable version of Mocki http://code.google.com/p/mockito/
  • Extract mockito-1.1.2.zip to a folder
  • Open Eclipse for Java IDE
  • Create a new project (name it helloMockito)
  • Create a ITranslator interface

i.Make sure ITranslator interface has the following code ii.package org.helloopensource.greetings;

                public interface ITranslator {

                        public abstract String translate(String fromLanguage, String toLanguage, String word);


1.Create a Greeting class i.Make sure Greeting class has the following code ii.package org.helloopensource.greetings;

                public class Greeting {

                        private ITranslator translator;

                        public Greeting(ITranslator translator) {

                                this.translator = translator;


                        public String sayHello(String language, String name) {

                                return translator.translate("English", language, "Hello") + " " + name;



1.Add the mockito-all-1.2.jar to the build path i.Click on add external JARs ii.Select the mockito-all-1.2.jar files (e.g C:Program Files/mockito-1.2.0/mockito-all-1.2.jar) 2.Create a new Unit Test (new / Unit Test) i.Click on finish ii.Make sure JUnit library is added to the build path iii.Add the following code for the GreetingTest code: iv.package org.helloopensource.greetings;

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